# File uploads

With Buoy, you can upload files to your backend through a mutation. Just define the variables to contain the files your want to upload. Supported types are File (opens new window) FileList (opens new window) and Blob (opens new window).

# Preparing your backend

Your backend must support the graphql-multipart-request-spec (opens new window). Lighthouse supports this out-of-the-box in the master branch. Follow their guide to enable file uploads (opens new window) in your schema.

# Uploading a file

In order to upload files, simply add them as variables.


public uploadFile(): void {
        gql `
            mutation ($file: Upload!) {
                shareFile(file: $file) {
            // Pick the first file form file-input
            file: this.file.nativeElement.files[0]
            scope: 'shareFile'
        (success) => {
            console.log('File was uploaded, and is available at:', success.url);
        (error) => {
            console.log('ERROR', error);