# Introduction

Under development

Please note that Buoy is still in development.

Buoy is a GraphQL client built on top of Apollo Client (opens new window) and Apollo Angular (opens new window).

On top of what Apollo already provides, Buoy will handle pagination and url changes, automatic basic subscriptions with the @subscribe directive file uploads, middleware and more.

These docs will help to learn how the Buoy is used.

All examples in the documentation is based on a Laravel Lighthouse (opens new window) GraphQL server. Other servers may require a different setup.

If your server and schema conforms to the Fairway spec (opens new window) you should be good. However, subscriptions may require a custom subscriptions driver.

# Assumptions

These docs assume that you are already familiar with the basics of GraphQL and the Angular framework.

# Feedback

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have suggestions or additions to the docs or Buoy itself, feel free to create an issue or a pull request on Github (opens new window).

If you like the library, don't forgot to give it a Star on GitHub (opens new window).